Outsourced Safety Management Services

Flight Logics provides aviation specific safety management support services to small and medium sized aircraft operators and engineering maintenance providers. Our services enable small to medium sized aviation businesses to have a safety department with the same functionality as a large operator at a fraction of the cost.


Our vision is safe aviation outcomes...


Safety Investigation
Safety Auditing
Safety Communication
Safety Administration
Safety Management Training
Work Health & Safety


Documentation Development
Emergency Response Planning
Risk Management
Human Factor Analysis
Flight Data Analysis
Change Management


SMS for Part 135
and 121 Operators

Flight Logics can provide you with the one to one support and guidance to help your company develop and implement your new safety management system.

We can provide a fixed price quotation for this service.

It includes:

• The gap analysis
• SMS project plan and implementation management support
• Software solutions
• Company specific SMS training
• 12 months safety office support



Aviation Safety Community

Flight Logics with the support of CASA launched the Aviation Safety Community (ASC) in July 2018. The ASC’s core purpose is to provide safety leadership to aviation organisations through open forums, safety training and safety research.

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